Breeding, testing and selection at its finest...


At Duganhaus, we don't breed to sell puppies, we breed what we need to create the finest quality finished protection dogs.  The Duganhaus difference starts at birth, when the puppies  begin our unique biosensory program  with the goal of creating clear minded, confident dogs that can handle the stress of any worst case scenario. We keep detailed records and test our pups frequently for temperament and workability, allowing us to place them in the right career in addition to maintaining and improving quality with every litter. 

When you request a Duganhaus puppy, you will be getting a dog that was hand raised and trained  for you from birth



​Watch your guardian grow up - let us select and raise a protection puppy for you. This option is available for the following plans -

Personal Protection

Family Protection  

 Basic obedience


             Contact Us to find a puppy plan that works for you.